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Highest Point 2022: Highlights Part 2

Updated: May 21, 2022

I thought I would crack on and do 'Part 2' of this blog because you know how it is. If I don't do it now, I might not.

So yay, I'm doing it now ... don't distract me ya hear!


Over the weekend I was hit by a ton of nostalgia presenting in various ways, including a few 'full circle' moments. Well 'half circle' at least.

One such moment was seeing Judge Jules again.

I was a massive DJ stalker back in the day, hanging round DJ booths for hours to get a hand shake or to nosy at what tracks they were playing, or how they were playing them. I tried not to be too annoying honestly. (PS - I don't want to hear a word from those people who still go clubbing with me. I'm not as bad as I was!!)

This was one of the first DJ photos I got - I'm not sure when it was, but think it was at The Syndicate in Blackpool. I look like I wanted him to kiss my hand, and that I wasn't wearing clothes. I wasn't and I was (respectively).

Anyway, I went up to the DJ booth to get some photos during his Highest Point set but was too nervous to ask for another photo with him. I am losing my touch. It was still fun to be in his vicinity.

Another highlight (maybe the highlightiest of them all) was seeing so many friends, from people I see on the school run every day, to people I haven't seen for years.

On that note, I was just minding my own business taking pictures from the memorial when I saw unexpectedly (Wait, what's the collective noun for music-related people? I really wanna say 'gaggle' but let's go with 'Skiddle' as it's through them that I know this lot) a skiddle of musical mates, including Ki Creighton who was closing the Chris Glaba stage on Friday.

There were more, but some got away before I had chance to grab this picture...

I bloody loved the atmosphere of the whole event, but the Sundial was the perfect spot for a predominantly D&B sound this year. It did put my low-light photography skills to the test too.

This was during Voltage & Slay's set.

Whilst I avoided the craziness of this particularly intense 'Sigala-induced' crowd, I loved seeing crowds again, for *obvious reasons.

*I said "for obvious reasons" because I will lose my mind if I ever say or hear clichéd phrases like "the challenges of the last two unprecedented years" again!

Lastly, hearing Dan (D.O.D.) play his track 'Still Sleepless' at the end of Saturday was rather excellent. Dan's from Lancaster but travels the world DJing and gets frequent plays on Radio 1 (I heard the track again today in the car in fact). So to hear him DJ was a fitting end to the two days. I only managed one photo as my memory card was full, but thankfully it was pretty good.

Get 11th-13th May 2023 in your diaries for the next Highest Point Festival.

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