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  • Ginny Koppenhol

Hacienda 40 at WHP

Well that was exciting!

On Saturday, I photographed Jon Dasilva and K-Klass at the Hacienda 40 event at the Warehouse Project. Thanks to Sarah Michelle from Glam Rock Films for this photo.

It was a healthy amount of terrifying and a huge amount exhilerating to be a small part of such a massive sold out event.

K-Klass in the depot

Things I was reminded of:

- When a stage manager tells you to move, move fast or get mown down by a bit of stage on wheels

- Not all passes are created equal and you have to figure out where you're allowed and where you're not, but it's all worth it when you stumble upon a posh toilet behind a secret fence

- I'm not very good at playing it cool and I'm ultimately a music fan who gets excited by being close to famous people

- I can dance and take photos at the same time

Bobbi Depasois - K-Klass


Jon Dasilva in the depot

I also nipped into A Guy Called Gerald's set in the Archive and grabbed a few images.

A huge shout out to the dancers too.

Happy Mondays

Seeing Orbital was another highlight. Somehow, I have never seen them perform before! They were every bit as amazing as I'd hoped they would be.

Shooting music events are a lot of fun, but it's not something I can do loads whilst my children are young (they're not very sociable hours as a rule), but having been a long time WHP clubber and getting to play there back in 2011, I had to grab this chance.

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